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Why Linton’s Carpet Cleaning Uses The Rotovac360

The Amazing Rotovac360 EASILY Out Cleans The Standard Carpet Cleaning Wand

When it comes to carpet cleaning tools, specifically the attachments used to actually clean the carpet, the tool of choice for Linton's Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, Washington is the Rotovac360 (RV360).

Why is the RV360 better for cleaning carpets than the standard wand?

For a number of reasons, let's take a look at a couple of them.

1. The standard carpet cleaning wand can make about 40 cleaning passes a minute, and that is fine for most carpet cleaning jobs. But at some point fatigue for the operator sets in and the amount of separate cleaning passes per minute drops considerably. 

The Rotovac360 Powercleaning Head makes over 600 separate cleaning passes a minute! 600! Think about that. What do you think is going to give a better cleaning performance (all other things being equal) a wand that makes 40 cleaning passes a minute or the RV360, which makes over 600 cleaning passes a minute. It's not close, especially on moderate to heavily soiled carpets. The RV360 EASILY outcleans the standard carpet cleaning wand.

2. Agitation. There are four components to any type of cleaning. And they are as follows: Time (dwell time of cleaning agents), agitation, cleaning agents, and temperature. All of these are important to getting good cleaning results depending on what you are cleaning.

Agitation is the key of cleaning. Agitation can make the cleaning of any fabric much easier and more effective. The carpet cleaning wand offers very little agitation compared to the Rotovac360. On the other hand the RV360 offers substantially more agitation and it does while making over 600 cleaning passes a minute. The effective of so many cleaning passes WITH agitation give the RV360 a huge advantage over any carpet cleaning being done with the standard wand.

3. Fatigue. When using the wand fatigue sets in fairly quickly and the user of the wand usually cannot make 40 separate cleaning passes a minute. The number of cleaning passes drops considerably. On the other hand the user of the RV360 doesn't experience nearly the amount of fatigue so whether the cleaner is cleaning one room or 10 rooms the amount of cleaning passes remains consistent and very high.

Is the carpet cleaning wand bad for cleaning carpets?

Not at all! The standard carpet cleaning wand can deliver excellent results and, in some cases, can actually deliver better cleaning results. We will talk about this in another article. But for most carpet cleaning jobs the RV360 is by far the best choice for cleaning most carpets. 

The ability for the RV360 to make a lot of cleaning passes a minute WITH good agitation makes a big difference in moderate to heavily soiled carpets.

Take a look at the video below to see what the RV360 can do.

As you can see the the Rotovac30 easily cleans moderate to heavily soiled carpets with ease. At Linton's Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver we offer superior carpet cleaning for all of our clients, and one way of doing this is using the RV360 on most carpet cleaning jobs, instead of using the carpet cleaning wand.

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