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What Type of Carpet Is Best For Families In Vancouver, Washington

​There are a number of different types of carpets you can purchase, but not all of them are good for families, especially if you have young children. In this article we are going to go over the different types of carpet fibers you can purchase in Vancouver and give you our opinion on what we think is the best carpet type and fiber type for families with children.

Let's take a look at the different types of carpet fibers

​​​​There are basically six types of common carpet fibers and they are as follows:

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​​​​All of these carpet fibers have their pluses and their minuses and we will go over each of them. Having said that, to make things easy for you to understand, the best carpet fiber to use for families would be nylon. Especially solution dyed nylon. We will go over why this is in a bit.

​Nylon: ​There are two types of nylon that you should be aware of, and while they are the same fiber (for the most part), there are a couple of differences.

The two types of nylon carpet fibers are nylon 6 and nylon 6,6. What is the difference? 

Nylon 6 is made from only one monomer and nylon 6,6 is made from two. What does this actually mean in the performance of your carpet?

NOT MUCH! Nylon 6,6 has a higher heat resistance but that is about all it has going over nylon 6. Either way, both nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 are excellent carpet fibers that offer durability and ease of cleaning.

One of the issues that is a negative to nylon is that it does absorb water more easily than olefin and some of the other fibers. This can make it easier to stain. But there is also a version of nylon called SOLUTION DYED NYLON and this type of nylon fiber is extremely difficult to stain. Why?

​Because the colors and the polymer itself are melted together and then extruded into a filament which results in NO dye sites being present in solution dyed nylon. No dye sites, close to impossible to stain!

​Nylon Would Be Our Choice For A Family Friendly Carpet Fiber

​There are other carpet fibers, and we will go over those here in this article. But if you are not into reading about all of the carpet fibers then you can stop right now knowing that nylon is the most preferred carpet fiber. And SOLUTION DYED NYLON is our choice for the best carpet fiber for families.

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