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What Carpet Colors Should You Choose

Over the years, we have been asked many times about what color of carpet is the best for a home.

And our answer is always the same:

It depends.

In this article we are not going to tell you what color to choose because we do not know your style preferences
and the color of other furnishings in your home.

But what we are going to do is give you some thoughts on color choice and why certain color choices are bad and why certain color choices are good.t here...

What Color Of Carpet You Choose Is Up To You

First things first. We are not interior decorators, we are high-quality carpet cleaners that have cleaned thousands upon thousands of carpets over the years.

We have seen carpet colors that work well in about every situation, and we have seen carpet colors that are basically horrible in about every situation.

In the end run the carpet color and style that you choose should be based on what YOU like.

What Rooms Are Carpeted In Your Home?

If you are carpeting a family room then it is probably really wise to go with a neutral color that matches your other decor, and ALSO helps hide some soil, spots, and even stains.

If you have kids and pets, then a white colored carpet should almost always NOT be the carpet color in a family room.

In fact white colored carpet should rarely be used with kids and pets around because you are going to be constantly spotting and having your carpets cleaned if you want them to remain looking good.

White is not the neutral color you want to choose in most cases.

If you do choose to have white colored carpet then just be prepared for more maintenance time and cost.

White With Some Pattern Or Other Colors

If you want a lighter colored carpet then having a white carpet with some darker speckles in it is a decent option. The darker speckles helps trick the eye so you do not see as many spots or as much surface soil.

A White Carpet With a Slightly Darker Pattern In It Is Also Ok

If you are determined to go with a white carpet then having a slightly darker pattern in your carpet could also be a good idea. Much like the darker speckles in a white carpet, the slightly darker pattern can
help hide spots, stains, and surface soil.

Finally concerning white colored carpet. White colored carpet reflects a lot of light back into your eyes. Once a white colored carpet gets some wear in it, the traffic lanes become dull and dingy and there is very little
that can be done about that.

Light, especially white, colored carpets tend to have to have traffic patterns show up far more than darker colored carpets. Again, having a pattern in a white colored carpet can make dull and dingy traffic areas
not so apparent.

Bottom line: White Colored Carpet Should Be Avoided If Possible

Carpet Colors That Are NOT Neutral

White and black are considered neutral colors, but white and black colored carpets are not what we are talking about when we are talking about selecting neutral color carpets.

If you are going to chose a carpet color like blue, yellow, green, red, or colors like them, then just understand that there could be issues down the road with selling your home or furniture choices.

Carpets that are not neutral colored can be a big turn off for many people and if selling a home the color of your carpets, especially if they are very unique bright colors could cost you the sale of the home.

At the very least you are probably going to be asked to reduce the price of the home for a carpet allowance.

The best advice we can give anyone, or most people, when it comes to carpet color is to go with browns. From a darker brown to a lighter brown these colors match most furniture just fine and they are able to hide spots, stains, soil, and traffic wear much better.

If you have a formal area that you want to have white carpets in, no problem, just be sure you have a good carpet protector.

If you have family rooms and kids bedrooms you are going to carpet then go with darker neutral colors and carpets that have a pattern in them.

You can thank us later for this advice. 😉

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