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Wax Is Bad For Wood Floors

Why Putting Wax On Wood Floors Is A Bad Idea

Wood floors are an attractive and durable flooring option for any home. They are long-lasting, especially if cleaned and maintained properly, and bring a warm and inviting ambiance to a space.

However, applying wax to wooden floors is not a good idea.

Many people believe that applying wax will protect their floors and make them shine, but in reality, wax can actually damage your floors and make them look dull and lifeless. In this article, we will explore the reasons why putting wax on wood floors is not a good idea and what you should do instead to keep your floors looking their best.

Why Wax On Wood Floors Is A Bad Idea:

1. One of the main reasons why waxing is not a good idea is that it can build up over time. This buildup can cause your floors to look dull and lifeless and can even make them slippery. 

The wax will also attract dirt and debris, which can further damage the floor. Wax buildup can also cause your floors to become more difficult to clean and can trap moisture, leading to warping and other damage to the floor.

2. Adding wax to your wood floors can make your floors more susceptible to scratches and scuffs. Wax is a soft material that can easily scratch and scuff when subjected to daily wear and tear. 

Over time, this can lead to a rough and uneven surface on your floor, making it look dull and unattractive. Additionally, if you do try to remove the wax, you may end up removing some of the finish on the floor, causing further damage.

3. Adding wax to your floors is time-consuming and expensive. Waxing your floors requires multiple coats and each coat must be allowed to dry completely before the next one is applied.

This process can take several hours and must be repeated every few months to maintain the shine. Additionally, waxing can be expensive because you need to purchase the wax and any other supplies that you need to apply it.

4. When you add wax to your wood floors you are just creating a mess down the line if you want your wood floors professionally cleaned or refinished. Wood floor finishes cannot be added on top of the wax, and removing the wax from wood floors can be difficult and end up costing you a lot of time, and money, to have the wax removed.

So What Is The Better Alternative To Wax On Wood Floors?

Instead of waxing, you should consider using a high-quality polyurethane finish on your wood floors. Polyurethane is a durable and long-lasting finish that will protect your floors from daily wear and tear.

It also dries quickly and provides a hard and glossy surface (or semi-gloss and matte) that will resist scratches and scuffs. Unlike wax, polyurethane does not build up over time and does not require frequent reapplication.

A water based polyurethane finish is a very good choice for wood floors. This type of finish is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it a great option for busy homeowners who want to maintain their floors without spending a lot of time and money. Additionally, water-based polyurethane is environmentally friendly and does not emit harmful fumes, making it a safe option for families with young children or pets.

In Conclusion: Don't Put Wax On Your Wood Floors

Putting wax on wood floors is not a good idea. Waxing can cause buildup, attract dirt and debris, make your floors more susceptible to scratches and scuffs, and is time-consuming and expensive.

Instead, you should consider using a high-quality polyurethane finish or a water-based polyurethane finish to keep your floors looking their best. These finishes will provide a durable and long-lasting protection that will keep your floors looking beautiful for years to come.

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