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Six Common Carpet Cleaning Complaints

There is no such thing as a perfect carpet cleaning
company. There never has been, and there never will be.

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we pride ourselves on delivering high quality carpet cleaning and we strive to offer our clients the best customer service in the business - but we also make mistakes - not very often - but it does happen.

Let's Take A Look At Common Carpet Cleaning Complaints.

To be honest, occasionally we have had an issue or two with some of these, but most of these complaints we are going to go over are what WE HEAR FROM OUR CLIENTS about other carpet cleaning services they have used.

We have heard these same complaints, many times, over the last 24 years and we work hard to avoid making these mistakes.

Again, no company is perfect and neither are we at Linton's Carpet Cleaning.

The Six Most Common Carpet Cleaning Complaints

​1. Carpet Cleaners Not Showing Up On Time

Carpet Cleaners Not Showing Up On time

This can be a huge problem with some carpet cleaning companies and it isn't always about not showing up on time - some companies simply do not show up!

Showing up late to an appointment can be frustrating for the client, we completely get that. But occasionally there are issues that pop up that are out of the cleaners control, and these issues can cause the carpet cleaning company to be late for your appointment - even if it was not really their fault.

At the very least, the carpet cleaning company should give you a heads up that they are running late and let you know they are doing everything they can to get to your home, or place or business, as quickly as they can.

2. Carpet Cleaners Not Honoring Their Quotes

Carpet Cleaning Companies Not Honoring Their Quotes

This is a huge problem, and it needs to be stopped. Here is how it usually
goes down:

You see a carpet cleaning coupon that looks great (actually too good to be true) and you call the company up and schedule an appointment. They arrive at your home, or place of business, and suddenly that price on their coupon, or the price they quoted you over the phone, goes through the roof.

Actually, it doesn't even need to go through the roof to irritate you. Any price
increase from the quoted price needs to be run by YOU first.

So either you end up paying a lot more than what they quoted you (or the coupon says) or they honor their low quoted price but run through the job so they can move onto their next "victim".

And the result of them honoring their coupon or low-ball price and rushing through the job is usually poor cleaning results.

This is a very common practice in the carpet cleaning industry and it is shameful and disgusting that carpet cleaning companies continue to do this.

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we never EVER play these types of pricing games. EVER.

Check out this article on how to get a carpet cleaning quote

3. Mediocre or Downright Bad Carpet Cleaning

Great Carpet Cleaning In Vancouver, Wa.

There are many good carpet cleaning companies in the Vancouver area, many. But there are also far too many that should we say this - SUCK.

Ok, that might not be the most politically correct way to say things but it is

There are companies that strive to do a great job but they just don't have
the know-how to do a really good job.

And then there are companies that have the knowledge to do a good job, but they just don't care about doing a good job.

And then there are companies that don't know how to do a good job and don't care about doing a good job - these companies are the worse.

You should always expect a carpet cleaning company to do a good job - with the understanding that not all carpets are going to look good even after they have been cleaned really well.

It is fairly obvious, most of the time, when a carpet cleaning company has not done a good job of cleaning.

And when you are not happy with the job, the proper course of action is to let that carpet cleaning company know that you are not happy - and give them a chance to fix any issue you might have with their cleaning service..

4. Spots or Stains That Come Back

Spots and Stains That Come Back

This is a tough one because any professional carpet cleaning company in Vancouver (or anywhere) has had this happen to them. Sometimes it is the fault of the carpet cleaning company, other times it is not.

The cause of stains coming back are you usually two things.

The stain or spot wicking to the surface of the carpet.

Or there was some sticky cleaning residue that attracted soil to the same area, although the re-soiling is not actually the same spot you thought the carpet cleaner removed.

And sometimes, it is both issues.

We are not going to go into in-depth detail of why and how this happens, but it does happen and it has happened to EVERY carpet cleaning company that has cleaned at least 50 carpets.

Stains coming back can be very frustrating for the client but, trust us, it can be even more frustrating for the carpet cleaner. Sometimes this just happens and in come cases it can be really hard to stop from happening - especially wicking. 

5. Long Dry Times

Long Dry Times Can Be Frustrating

Oh, how great it would be to have super dry air like they have in Arizona. This would make long carpet cleaning dry times that occur in Vancouver, Wa. something that most would know nothing about.

But let's make this clear: Long dry times are sorta subjective when it comes to cleaning.

And just because you get a FAST dry time doesn't mean your carpet was cleaned properly. It is not hard to get fast dry times if the carpet is barely cleaned and only the tips of  the fibers are cleaned. That is usually the case with companies that advertise "low moisture cleaning."

So how long should it take for your carpet to dry?

The best answer is - It DEPENDS!

It depends on how soiled your carpet was before the cleaning started.

It depends on the fiber type.

It depends on the indoor drying conditions - is there good air movement?

It depends on outdoor weather conditions. If the humidity is really high, then
dry times can be extended. If the humidity is low and you can open up the windows a bit then dry times can be fairly quick.

What do we mean by fairly quick? Typically, using HWE (which you should be using) a carpet that has been cleaned well will be dry to the touch, or completely dry, in roughly four to six hours. Sometimes a bit longer, sometimes within a couple of hours.

Again, carpet cleaning dry times really depend on a number of factors and the carpet cleaner cannot control all of them.

6. Bad/Rude Customer Service

Good and Bad Customer Service

This one is also related to carpet cleaning companies not showing up or being late and not give you the heads up. But it can also be rude behavior in your home.

Things like not being friendly. Not protecting your furniture from the cleaning
equipment. Not protecting your walls and baseboards. Things like that.

But it can also be when a cleaner does not respond to a complaint you might have. Where the cleaner is informed that there is a problem with the job but doesn't show any interest in coming to your home, or place of business, and fixing the problem.

That is horrible customer service and you should never put up with that.

So there you have it, those are the top six complaints we typically here from our clients about the service, or lack of service, when they have dealt with other carpet cleaning companies.

Again, we are not perfect. Some of these six issues have occassionally happened with us at Linton's Carpet Cleaning and we strive every day to not have these things happen again.

In the areas we can completely control - like with never playing pricing games, informing our clients if we are going to be late, and those types of things - we do that. 

We have the utmost respect for our clients and do whatever we can (within reason) to make our clients happy and their carpet cleaning experience the best it can be.

We have been delivering high quality, top-notch service for over 24 years and we will continue to do so.

Linton's Carpet Cleaning In Vancouver, Wa.

For over 24 years we have been delivering high quality carpet cleaning for residents of Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We take pride in knowing that our carpet cleaning service is highly respected and highly valued by our clients.

And the reason for this is that we strive EVERY SINGLE DAY to deliver GREAT cleaning results while delivering the results with safe, family-friendly carpet cleaning that you can depend on.

When you use our carpet cleaning service in Vancouver you can expect honest pricing, us to show up on time, and for you to get clean carpets, and great customer service.

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