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Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Restaurant Carpet Cleaning In Vancouver, Wa.. -

In the carpet cleaning industry there are a number of specialized services that companies offer. Some companies offer a number of services, while other companies offer  just one service they focus on.

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we specialize in high quality
residential and commercial carpet cleaning. But a sub-category
of commercial carpet cleaning would be restaurant carpet

Why is restaurant carpet cleaning considered a sub-category
of commercial carpet cleaning? Well, for a couple of reasons.


The amount of grease that is often times encountered in
the restaurant environment.


 The amount of food stains that are often seen in restaurant
carpet cleaning.


 And the cleaning agents that are used in the cleaning of restaurants
become more important because you are in an environment where food is being served and people are eating - not that much different than in their own homes.

Let's Cover The First Issue - The Amount Of Oil and Grease In Restaurant Carpets

In many restaurants there is a large build-up of oil in the carpet. This
oil comes from the kitchen and is tracked onto the carpet. Every day this oil builds up layer upon layer of oil and any other soil that settled into the carpet on that day.

This leads to very large amounts of "layers of soil" that can be very difficult
to deal with unless you have the right cleaning agents -and the right tools
to clean restaurant carpets effectively.

As the soil gets deposited on a daily basis, the carpet eventually turns from
it's original color into a dark faded color, or colors that you actually cannot
even see because there is so much oil and soil in the carpet.

You can see from the picture below what we are talking about. This picture has not been doctored in any way. You see how the build-up of oil and soil actually made it impossible to see what the original color of the carpet was.

Cleaning dirty restaurant carpet in Vancouver, Wa.

Issue # 2 In Restaurant Carpet Cleaning In Vancouver

The amount of food spills and stains. Because of the environment, you are going to see a large amount of food spots and stains.

Whether the stains come from solid foods or drinks, it really doesn't matter, they have to be dealt with in the same way. They have to be individually, in the case of stains, handled one by one.

The time it can take to deal with individual stains can be very time consuming and really slow down the cleaning process.

Issue #3 With Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

The type of cleaning agents that you should use.

Notice we said "the type of cleaning agents that you should use."

This is because when cleaning in restaurants you are cleaning in
an environment with food and many people eating in this environment.

You certainly would not want to use dangerous cleaning agents in any type
of carpet cleaning, but this especially applies to restaurant carpet cleaning.
It is just a really bad idea to have dangerous cleaning agents around food, or
in an environment where plenty of people are eating food.

Unfortunately many carpet cleaning companies don't seem to care about the cleaning agents they use in any type of carpet cleaning envirnoment; and this especially applies to restaurant carpet cleaning.

In order to speed up the cleaning process, by breaking down grease faster, many carpet cleaning companies use cleaning agents that are not safe for any type of carpet cleaning. But these companies do this in order to be able to quickly clean the carpet and make the carpet look better.

While appearance is important in all carpet cleaning situations, you also have to consider the health aspects of cleaning. And cleaning with hazardous cleaning agents is just a bad idea.

So How Should Restaurant Carpets Be Cleaned?

The right way! LOL.

There is no need to use cleaning agents loaded with butyl or anything like that. If the carpet cleaning company takes their time, and just uses good cleaning techniques, any carpet can be cleaned effectively.

The key is breaking down the daily layers of grease and soil.

In the video below you see us cleaning a heavily soiled restaurant carpet using cleaning agents that are safe, yet effective. The key to cleaning a restaurant carpet this heavily soiled is to use good cleaning techniques and the right equipment.

In this video we are using a powerwand called the Rotovac360. This tool makes over 600 separate cleaning passes a minute. A MINUTE. With the proper cleaning agents, dwell time, water flow, temperature, and patience we can clean about any type of carpet really well - and do it safely.

This is how restaurant carpet cleaning should be done. There is no need to endanger our clients with dangerous cleaning agents that only speed up the process - but don't really deliver a better result in the end run.

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we would rather use safe and effective cleaning agents, good cleaning techniques, high quality cleaning tools, and take our time to deliver our clients the very best in restaurant carpet cleaning in Vancouver, Washington and the surrounding area.

Linton's Restaurant Carpet Cleaning In Vancouver, Washington

If you are a restaurant owner in Vancouver, Washington or the surrounding area please give us a call today. We will be more than happy to explain our restaurant carpet cleaning procedures and give you a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE on any restaurant carpet cleaning that you need done.

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