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How To Deal With Pet Odor Problems

​One of the most common stains we see as a carpet cleaning company is pet stains. In fact, pet stains ​just might be the most common type of stain that we see.

And With Those Stains Usually Comes Odor!

​It is one thing to have a pet urine stain here and there in your carpet; it is quite another to deal with the odor that can be associated with pet urine and pet stains. The odor is what drives many crazy and have them swearing to get rid of their pets!

​Don't Get Rid Of Your Pets!

​Yes​​​​, the pets caused the issues (sometimes with the help of their owners) but please do not get mad at your pets and, in the worse case situation, get rid of them. Pet odor can be dealt with quite effectively, but you do need to take action and know what to do.

​Steps To Take When Dealing With Pet Urine and Odors

The first thing to understand is that you have to be proactive. Stopping urine, or feces, from getting into your carpet or home is the first priority.​

We are not going to go over how you should train your pets (although we have some very good ideas that we KNOW works) but we are going to point out some obvious things you should be doing to avoid having your home smell like a kennel.

​No Pet Urine In The Home - No Pet Urine Odors!

This would seem quite obvious, but what we see with many clients is that they are reactive and not proactive. Again, we are not going to tell you how to potty train your pets; but if you can stop the pet from urinating in your home - you are not going to have pet urine odors in your home. Period.

​What To Do Once You Have Pet Urine In Your Carpet

​Accidents are going to happen so let's get to what you need to do as soon as you realize there is urine in your carpet.

  • 1
    Pay Attention To Potential Urine In Your Carpet
  • 2
    ​Once You Find The Urine, Blot It Up Immediately
  • 3
    Apply A Small Amount of Vinegar To Spot and Blot Again
  • 4
    Repeat This Process With Water and Vinegar. Be diligent, Take Your Time
  • 5
    Dry The Area As Fast As Possible With Air Movement
  • 6
    Call A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company That Knows How To Handle Pet Urine and The Odors Associated With Them

​The Steps Might Seem Simple, But They Can Make A Big Difference

​The key here is to get as much of the urine out as possible very quickly. Just these steps alone can make a huge difference. If you have one of those mini hand-held extractors then go ahead and use that. Just get out as much of the urine as you can.

Unfortunately many people end up having numerous urine deposits in their carpet and, in many cases, they don't know where the urine even is. This is when you have a really good chance to have pet odor problems and this is also a good time to call a professional carpet cleaning company that deals with pet urine and the odors associated with them.

The urine and odors can be dealt with, but NOT with regular carpet cleaning. In fact "regular carpet cleaning" can actually make the odor worse.

​​Let Us Help You Get Rid of

The Pet Stains And Odor

​At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we are Vancouver, Washington's premeir pet odor removal company. We have the knowledge, tools, and the desire to help you get rid of any pet odor problems you have in your home or place of business.

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