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Furniture Indentations

If you have carpet in your home you almost for sure have carpet indentations.

What are carpet indentations?

Well the above picture shows you a very  good example of a carpet indentation caused by a table leg.

For most people carpet indentations are just a unsightly bother they put up with. But for some people these indentations literally seem to ruin their days, weeks, and months!

Can Carpet Indentations Be Removed

Well, the first thing is to understand EXACTLY what they are.

So what are they?

Carpet indentations are indents in the carpet caused by an object sitting on the carpet.

These objects are usually furniture, but they could literally be anything that sits on the carpet.

Usually the heavier the object the greater the chance that object will create indentations in your carpet. But there are other factors.

Many times thin legs on furniture, chairs, or tables can cause the most severe type of carpet indentation because the weight of the object is focused on just a small area.

But What EXACTLY Is Happening With Carpet Indentations?

Most people think that carpet indentations is just the face fiber of the carpet being smashed down, and this is incorrect.

With most carpet indentations not only are the face fibers affected, but the backing of the carpet and even the pad can be affected.

But the real issue is the face fibers and the backing.

Will Carpet Indentations "Clean" Out Of A Carpet?

Sometimes, but many times cleaning the carpet will not remove the carpet indentations. The "memory" of the fiber has been permanently altered - or at least altered enough that carpet cleaning will not get rid of the indentation.

How Can You Avoid Serious Carpet Indentations?

The first step would be to move your furniture around on a regular basis, but most people are not going to do this because they like where their furniture is!

But if you don't mind moving your furniture on a regular basis, then moving the furniture can help reduce the chance of serious carpet indentations.

Another way to avoid carpet indentations is to put sliders, or something
similar, under the legs of furniture. This spreads the weight of the furniture over a larger portion of the carpet and helps reduce the appearance of carpet indentations.

The bottom line is that if you put objects on carpet, especially heavy objects
with thin legs or edges, you are going to get carpet indentations.

How To Remove Carpet Indentations

Not a lot to be honest, but there are a few things you can do to lesson the unsightly appearance of these indentations. And they are as follows:

1. Clean the carpet as aggressively as possible. While this rarely works to
completely rid the carpet of indentations, it does help. Do not expect miracles

The backing of the carpet is many times indented and cleaning the face fibers
might help, but it will not solve the problem completely.

2. Take ice cubes and sit them on the indentations and let them melt. This is actually fairly effective if the face fibers have not been damaged too much, and the indentation is mainly coming from the backing of the carpet.

The ice cubes melt slowly, and over a few hours the melting of the ice cubes relaxes the backing of the carpet.

This might seem like a silly or strange thing to do - but it does work far better than you might think right now.

3. Have the indentations cut out and replaced. You can certainly cut the indentations out and put in a bonded insert. This is a very effective way to get rid of smaller indentations caused by furniture legs - but it is going to get costly if you have a lot of indentations to get rid of.

Also, it will be really important to have donor carpet that closely matches the carpet surrounding the indentations.

Finally, finding a carpet repair specialist that knows how to do bonded inserts is very important. 

The bottom line:

Carpet Indentations Are Really Difficult To Remove

Carpet indentations are an eye sore. If you follow what we have discussed in this article you can lesson the chance of getting severe carpet indentations - but you are unlikely to totally remove them.

If you put objects on the carpet, and they stay on the carpet for any length of time over a few hours - or days - you are going to have issues with carpet indentations.

If you have any questions about carpet indentations please contact us.

Linton's Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpet indentations that you want removed give us a call today. We will be more than happy to come to your home or place of business and let you know what we can do.

And our inspection and quote is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

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