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Frieze Carpet

There are so many different styles of carpet in America it can be difficult to know which style might be best for your particular situation.

Let's take a look at one very popular style of carpet - frieze.

So What Exactly Is Frieze Carpet? Some Frieze Carpet Facts

Simply put, a frieze carpet is usually (but not always) a carpet with long very tightly twisted fibers. Frieze has been commonly compared to the shag rugs of the 70's but we do not agree with that comparison, although we understand why some people think frieze and shag are closely related.

There are cheap versions of frieze carpet and expensive
versions of frieze carpet.

In the above picture you see a very common type of frieze carpet. This color and light brown speckled color added to frieze is one of the most common frieze patterns we see.

Let's take a look at the benefits of frieze carpet

1. Durable. Frieze carpet, good quality frieze carpet, has fibers that have a very high twist to them. This is important for durability because the tighter the twist the less likely the fiber is to "untwist" and cause a frayed look.

2. Wide Variety of Colors. A common trait of most frieze carpets is their "speckled" look of color. Frieze carpet usually comes with two and even three different colors in one carpet.

The color is speckled throughout the carpet which gives a huge variety of different looks to choose from. You can also get solid colored frieze carpets.

3. Ability To Hide Soil. Any time you have a carpet in your  home that helps hide some soil and stains it is a good thing. And frieze does a GREAT job in hiding soil and stains.

The speckled color variations in frieze carpet, along with the longer fibers that do NOT stand up straight, give this carpet an amazing ability to hide soil, stains, and foot prints.

**Just because a carpet hides soil and stains should not mean you neglect regular cleaning schedules.**

4. The Ability To Hide Seams and Other Damage. Much like the ability to hide stains and soil - frieze carpet has a tremendous ability to hide seams. In larger rooms, over the size of 12 by 15 feet, there is going to be at least one seam.

Because of the long fibers and the way they "fall to the floor" it is very difficult to notice seams with frieze carpet.

Also, other damage such as burns, tears, and even smaller bleach stain damage is much harder to notice with a frieze carpet.

Frieze Carpet Has A Soft Feel

Are There Negatives To Frieze Carpet?

Well sort of, but we do not believe these to be big negatives. We will go over the only few negatives we have found. And, again, to us here at Linton's Carpet Cleaning we do not believe these to be serious negatives.

Frieze Negative #1 - Harder to Clean - Frieze can be a bit harder to clean. Why is that? Because of it's loose structure, where the fibers are not dense and stand straight up, soil can more easily reach the base of the carpet. This can, at times, make cleaning frieze slightly more difficult.

Frieze Negative #2 - Complete Stain Removal - While frieze does a GREAT job of hidingsoil and stains it can also make getting stains out a tad more difficult, especially with liquid types of stains.

This is because the liquid does not sit on top of the fibers like it does on some
other carpets, but it much more easily gets to the base of the carpet and possibly even the padding. This makes getting out stains a bit more tricky because of the possibility of wicking.

Frieze Negative #3 - More Expensive - Frieze can be more expensive compared to similar quality of carpets but this is usually not a major deal. You can still find quality frieze carpets for a reasonable and even low price.

So there you have the negatives of frieze carpet. Again, we want to strongly reiterate that we consider the negatives very minor and the positive attributes of frieze to be very strong.

If you have a family (kids and pets) and want a carpet that holds up well, hides soil, hides stains, hides seams and other damage, and is moderately priced then frieze carpet is a great choice.

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we have literally cleaned thousands of frieze carpets and understand the best cleaning techniques and stain removal techniques to use when cleaning frieze.

If you have any frieze carpet that needs to be cleaned, please give us a call today.

Thank you for reading this article about frieze carpet.

Frieze Carpet Cleaning In Vancouver, Wa

Linton's Carpet Cleaning

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding areas, we have over 22 years of experience in cleaning frieze carpets. We know how to clean frieze the right way to get maximum cleaning results.

If you have any frieze carpet you need to have cleaned - or have any questions about frieze carpet cleaning in Vancouver - please give us a call today. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our frieze carpet cleaning service in Vancouver.

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