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Dog Dander Removal

"Dog smell" can be a big problem in your
home if it is left untreated. And when we say "big" we really mean it.

And we when refer to "dog smell" we are not referring to what most people would typically believe to be dog odor or cat odor. You can find out more about our pet odor removal services in Vancouver here.

The "dog smell" we are referring to, though,
is not dog urine or feces, it is dog dander.

Dog dander smell is the type of smell you
get when your home smells - like a dirty dog!

This smell is caused by - you guessed it - your dog. But even though the dog is the cause of it, many times YOU are the real problem.

When you have a dog there are certain things you need to do on a regular
basis. We will go over them in just a bit.

The "dog dander smell" in your home is caused by a number of things that is happening with your dog.

We are not veteranarians so we are not going to try and give you advice on your dogs skin condition - only to say that if your dog does have a skin condition you should take the dog to the vet right away.

What mainly causes the odor in your home is the hair, oil, and skin particles from youg dog that get into your carpet, your upholstery, and basically into everywhere that hair and those skin particles can get to.

This smell has a very distinct odor and can be super difficult to remove if you do not dealt with it on a DAILY basis.

Dog Dander Odor Can Be Anywhere

It's not only the dog that can smell bad, but anything the dog lays on or touches. Everything needs to be cleaned.

Yes, we said DAILY.

How To Avoid Getting Really Bad Dog Dander Smell In Your Home


Make sure your dog does not have a skin condition.


Give your dogs regular baths with the proper dog


Vacuum your carpets regularly. And when we say regularly,
we mean EVERY DAY. And use the right type of vacuum cleaner.


Vacuum your upholstery


Vacuum your curtains.


Mop your floors every day.


Make sure your HVAC system is filtering properly.


Have your carpets cleaned regularly using hot water


Have your upholstery cleaned regularly using hot water
extraction (as long as HWE is safe for the particular fiber
your upholstery is made of).


Clean your curtains on a regular basis.

Most of the recommendations for removing the dog dander smell in your carpet can be handled just fine by you.

But there are at least two of the above recommendations that you should leave to a professional.

And those two are:

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Dealing with the dog dander smell in your carpet and upholstery can be very tricky.

You need the experience, the right tools, and the right cleaning agents to clean the dog dander smell out of your carpet the right way.

If you mess this up, the dog dander smell is going to be much worse than before. MUCH WORSE.

And the same goes for cleaning dog dander out of upholstery. The knowledge, tools, and right cleaning agents are critical.

An experienced carpet cleaner knows how to deal with dog dander and knows the correct procedures and cleaning agents to use.

In almost all cases you are going to have the most success removing
dog dander from your carpet and upholstery using hot water extraction.

The ability to thoroughly rinse a carpet, or come close to it, of  dog hair and skin particles cannot be rivaled by any other method of cleaning.

Hot water extraction offers much better flushing and recovery of dog hair, dog oil, and skin particles in your carpet than any type of dry cleaning method, and that also holds true for upholstery cleaning.

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we have over 20 years of experience in dealing with pet odor problems. Dog dander smell removal is just one of the "pet odor problem" areas we are very successful in dealing with.

If you have any issues with pet odor problems, including dog dander smell,
please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer any and all questions
related to this problem honestly and straight forward.

We also offer FREE NO OBLIGATION on-site quotes, which is the best way
for you to get a quote on any type of cleaning - especially cleaning that involves pet odor.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope to hear from you soon.

The Best Dog Dander Removal In Vancouver, Washington

For over 20 years we have been dealing with dog dander odors in Vancouver, Wa., and the surrounding areas, with as much success or more as any carpet cleaning company around.

If you have any questions about our dog dander odor removal services please contact us today. We will be more than happy to answer any and all questions regarding our odor removal services.

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