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Different Styles of Carpet

If you are looking to purchase carpet for your home in Vancouver, Washington then this article will really help you understand the different types of styles of carpet. There seems to be a huge variety of styles of carpet but, in reality, there are only two. There might be a lot of variances of the two main styles but that relates to color and pattern.

​So What Are The Styles of Carpet You Can Purchase?​

There Are TWO Carpet Styles:

​1. Cut Pile

​2. Loop Pile

​Find out more below

​To the surprise of many people there are only two styles of carpet and they are

​1. Cut ​Pile​

2. Loop Pile

That's it! All carpets are either cut pile or loop pile or a combination of these two styles. So you might be thinking that there is actually a third style, which would be the combination of cut and loop - and you would be correct. But in industry terms styles are only related to cut and loop.

Now, under each style there are variances of each and we will go into those now.

Types of Cut Pile Carpet

​​​​There are currently five different types of cut pile carpet and they are as follows:

​Saxony Carpet

1. Plush - This carpet has NO twist to the fibers, which goes the carpet a very smooth and "luxurious" feel. Plush carpet is not really recommended for most residential environments, especially those with children and pets, because footprints, handprints, paw prints, and any other type of pressure leaves their marks in the carpet.

If you have plush carpet and do not like footprints in your carpet, you will be doing a lot of vacuuming.

2. Textured - The carpet style has fibers of different lengths. One of the advantages of this style of carpet is that soil and footprints are not easily seen because of the different heights of the fibers. You can use this carpet in any room, but it really is not recommended for hight traffic areas because the density of the fiber is not high and traffic patters are going to become apparent very quickly.

3. Saxony - One of the most common styles of carpet and very popular with many people, and cleaners. Saxony has longer fibers than plush and the fibers have a twist to them. Technically the tighter the twist the better and the better the carpet will hold up to traffic.

For some people the footprint issue is a problem with saxony but it is not nearly the problem that plush has. Saxony carpet is very common, popular, and is a good choice for most rooms.

4. Frieze - This is a carpet style that we love at Linton's Carpet Cleaning. Frieze has longer fibers and more twist, which helps hide footprints. While some do not believe this is a good carpet for high traffic areas we totally disagree. Frieze carpet looks great, cleans up well, and in our opinion holds up well even in high traffic areas. When the fibers get an inch or so longer many people consider the carpet to be shag.

5. Cable - This style of carpet has longer and thicker fibers. Cable carpet is known for feeling very comfortable under foot.

​What Style of Cut Pile Do We Recommend?

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we believe the style of carpet YOU choose to be a personal decision. People have their likes and dislikes. But if we were to recommend a carpet style to our clients it would be a cut pile saxony or frieze carpet. These styles of carpet look good, hold up well (as long as you buy quality), and they clean up well.

​Let's Take A Look At Loop Style Carpets

​Berber Carpet

​There​​​ are basically three types of loop style carpets and they are as follows:

1. Level Loop or Berber

2. Multi-Level Loop

3. Cut and Loop

Let's Take A Closer Look At These Styles of Loop Carpet

Level Loop or Berber - ​This carpet style is commonly referred to as berber but true berber is looped wool. Most carpet sold in loop styles is not wool but nylon or polypropolene. Level loop or berber holds up very well to traffic and is great for use in very high traffic areas. The downfall to this style of fiber is usually comfort. Unless the fiber is made of wool berber just doesn't feel good and comfortable under foot and hand.

Multi-Level Loop -​​​ Multi​​​​-Level Loop carpet is exactly as it sounds. It is a loop carpet of different "heights." This carpet comes in many different patterns and texture feel. 

​Cut and Loop - Like Multi-Level Loop, cut and loop sounds exactly as it is. Cut and loop is a combination of cut pile and loop pile. These carpets go a step further in creating patterns and texture than even multi-level loop carpets. Cut and loop carpets are able to hide soil very well, which is a plus.

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