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Common Flooring Surfaces

Common Types of Flooring Surfaces

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we do more than just carpet cleaning.

We also clean upholstery, oriental rugs, do carpet repairs, carpet stretching, tile and grout cleaning, and other types of floor cleaning.

In this article we are going to cover the most common types of floor cleaning in Vancouver.

What Are The Most Common Types of Floor Surfaces?

1. Carpets: Carpeting is the most common type of flooring surface in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Most carpet is of the synthetic variety - either nylon, olefin, or polyester. There is some wall-to-wall wool carpeting, but in most cases you see wool with area rugs.

Carpeting is a great flooring surface that adds comfort, sound suppression, filters the air well, and offers a wide variety of colors and styles.

Linoleum is a very common type of flooring

2. Linoleum: This flooring has been around for a long long time, about 160 years in fac.

Linoleum flooring is found in homes and businesses and offers some real advantages as a flooring surface.

It is durable. It comes in many colors and patterns and it cleans up well when the proper cleaning methods are used. It is easier to maintain than carpets, but not as comfortable and doesn't offer the safety and sound suppression that carpets offer.

Linoleum can be used in a number of different applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Vinyl Floors

3. Vinyl Floors: Vinyl floors can be an excellent flooring surface. Vinyl is often thought of as a cheap flooring surface because in many ways it is used to replicate or replace wood floors.

But vinyl floors are an excellent flooring surface. Vinyl is most resistent to water, offers good sound-proofing and is easy to clean up if you use the right cleaning agents.

Like linoleum, vinyl flooring is easier to clean and maintain than carpeting.

Ceramic Floors

4. Ceramic Tile Floors: In most cases cleaning and maintaining ceramic floors is fairly easy, until the grout becomes heavily soiled. At that point the cleaning can be a lot more difficult.

Ceramic tile is a terrific flooring surface in many cases, but there are things to consider.

Ceramic flooring is hard, very hard. There is very little sound suppression and comfort when it comes to ceramic floors.

Wood Floor Surface

5. Wood Floors: Wood floors have been around since, well, probably close to the beginning of time!

Wood floors can be absolutely beautiful, but there are quite obvious drawbacks when it comes to have wood floors in your home.

Wood floors take a lot more maintenance, and you have to be careful with that maintenance, than other flooring surfaces.

Wood floors do not offer nearly as much sound suppression as carpets, linoleum, and vinyl floors and they
are also harder than those other surfaces.

When it comes time to have wood floors cleaned, or refinished, the cost also be quite high. But wood floors are a beautiful flooring surface that is very popular in the Northwest and throughout America.

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we offer high-quality floor cleaning for tile and grout, vinyl floors, linoleum, and carpet cleaning.

Below you can see an example of some recent linoleum cleaning that we performed.

We use the most advanced floor cleaning systems and cleaning agents in the world and when we say clean - we mean clean!

If you have any need for floor cleaning, whether that is carpet, tile and grout, linoleum, or vinyl please give us a call today.

Expert Floor Cleaning In Vancouver!

Whether you need carpets, vinyl floors, linoleum floors, or tile and grout cleaned - we can deliver high-quality floor cleaning. If you have any questions about our floor cleaning service in Vancouver, Washington please give us a call today.

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