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Commercial Office Carpets Need To Be Cleaned Differently Than Residential

Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning is NOT The Same As Residential Carpet Cleaning. Hire A Company That Truly Knows How To Clean Commercial Carpet.

Linton's Commercial Carpet Cleaning specializes is dealing with difficult commercial carpet cleaning jobs. Commercial carpet cleaning is NOT like regular residential carpet cleaning, there are some major differences and the company cleaning your commercial carpet has to know how to deal with those differences.

One of the main differences is soil load in commercial carpets. Soil load is the amount of soil that is in your carpet, and in commercial carpets the amount of soil can be huge. So you need a commercial carpet cleaning company that knows how to deal with large soil loads and knows how to deal with carpets that tend to get soiled really fast. At Linton's Commercial Carpet Cleaning we have the knowledge, experience, and proper tools to clean commercial carpet the right way. Give us a call today for a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote on any commercial carpet cleaning you need done.

Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning

Before and After Photos

Below are four pictures of a recent commercial carpet cleaning job we did in Vancouver, Washington. This carpet was fairly typical of most commercial carpet we run into - a fair amount of soil in the entrance ways with much of that soil being embedded in the carpet.

This type of soil can be very difficult to remove and usually needs very aggressive techniques to get the soil out of the carpet. In most cases commercial carpet needs to be cleaned at least slightly different than most residential carpets.

Office Carpet Cleaning Entrance Before

Soiled Entrance In Commercial Carpet Cleaning Setting

Commercial Carpet Entrance After

After Cleaning The Entire Carpet and Entrance Looks Excellent

In the two pictures below you see the commercial carpet cleaning tool that we use on many of the commercial carpets and office carpets that we clean. The Bonzer carpet cleaning tool is specifically designed to thoroughly flush the heavy soil loads that are seen in many commercial environments.

Another great feature of the Bonzer commercial carpet cleaning tool is the ability for this tool to extract very large amounts of water - which leads to very fast dry times. Fast dry times are important for all carpet cleaning jobs, but especially for commercial jobs. Fast dry times when cleaning commercial carpets allow the business to get back to regular operating hours much sooner. You can take a closer look at the the tools we use in Vancouver, Washington for cleaning commercial carpets by clicking the link.

Bonzer Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tool

The Bonzer Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tool Makes Short Work of Heavily Soiled Carpet

Heavily soiled commercial carpet in Vancouver

Heavily Soiled Carpet Is Easy To Clean When You Have The Knowledge, Experience, Desire, and Proper Cleaning Tools

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Linton's Carpet Cleaning provides carpet cleaning services to the following areas: All of the Vancouver, Washington and surrounding areas including Battle Ground, Camas, Washougal, and Ridgefield.

If you live in any of these areas and need carpet cleaning services please contact at (360) 608-5441.

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