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Christmas Carpet Cleaning

Christmas Holiday Carpet Cleaning

There are numerous times during the year that are really good for carpet cleaning.

In previous articles we have gone over these times of the year, such as:

Spring Time

The Beginning of Summer

The End of Summer

In this article we are going to cover why cleaning during the Christmas holiday season is such a good idea. The Christmas Holiday season, as we see it, is from Thanksgiving to the 2nd of January.

Have Your Carpets Ready For Family and Friends On Christmas!

Why Christmas Is A Good Time To Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Most people reading this article are going to be having family and friends over for the Christmas holiday at some point.

And we can almost guarantee all of you would like your carpets and upholstery to look good, feel good, and smell good when those family members and friends come over.

But there is one other important reason to have your carpets cleaned during the Christmas season and that is:

Because once you have your carpets cleaned you can then have them protected with a good carpet  protector.

Why Is Carpet Protector So Important?

Well the first reason is that when your carpets were new, they came protected. Over time, the protector gradually wears off and your carpet fibers are literally naked. There is nothing to protect them from soil and spills.

Once that happens, your carpets are likely to soil MUCH faster than when your carpet was new and, of course, this is not a good thing.

A well protected carpet resist dry soil better, which slows down the wear dry soil causes in carpets.

A well protected carpet also resist food and beverage spills, and they dyes that come with them, much better than a carpet that is not protected.

In all situations, cleaning your carpet BEFORE protection is added is the best way to go. It makes very little sense to throw a carpet protector on carpet fibers that are already soiled and won't accept the protector.

Clean Carpets For Christmas

Oriental Rug Cleaning Is Also a Good Idea During The Holiday Season 

When Is The Best Time To Have Your Christmas Cleaning Done?

Well, it depends on what YOUR plans are. Obviously you can have your holiday cleaning done at any time before the Christmas Holiday season, but in reality the best time to have your carpets cleaned for Christmas is a day or two BEFORE you are expecting guest.

This way your carpets are clean, fresh, and look great when your guest arrive.

And if you have had your carpets protected after the cleaning, then your carpets have the highest degree or soil and stain resistance when your guest arrive.

We usually recommend to our clients to have their carpets cleaned around the 20th of December, earlier is
also fine, because from December 20th to the 25th is when most families have guest over for Christmas.

Having your carpets cleaned before Christmas, and protected, makes sure your carpets look good, feel good,
and smell good during heavy usage, but another benefit is that AFTER the family and friends have left it will
be easier for you to clean up spots and spills if your carpets have been properly cleaned and protected.

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we do our best to help our clients get their Christmas cleaning in right up to
Christmas. So don't hesitate to call us if you have some late Christmas cleaning to be done. We will do our
best to fit you into our schedule.

If we don't hear from you during the holidays we wish you the very best and a wonderful holiday season.

Christmas Holiday Carpet Cleaning

You still have time to get your carpets cleaned before Christmas. Make sure your carpets look clean, feel good, and smell great when your family and friend arrive. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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