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Cat Damage

One of the most common issues we see when
it comes to carpet repairs is cat damage.

And the cat damage we are talking about is
not urine, although we see that a lot. You
can find out more about cat urine issues in carpet by clicking the above link.

In this article we are going to talk about cat damage that is related to a cat clawing at the carpet.

In many cases the damage done to a carpet by cats is minor. A few pulled tufts of carpet here and there - that type of thing.

But then there is much more serious cat damage to carpet and that is usually by doors, either immediately inside the door; or immediately outside
of the door.

You can see this damage in the two pictures below.

Typical cat carpet damage by a door

Same cat damage but from another angle.

Cats can cause carpet damage by doors

The reason for this is fairly obvious: that cat wants out of the room, or the cat wants in the room, and the door is blocking  their way so they begin to claw at the carpet.

This problem, the cat clawing at the carpet, can be tough to solve with most cats. They are just going to do it when the feel they want to go somewhere, and there is something blocking them from getting to their destination.

A Quick And Inexpensive Way To Stop This Type of Damage

At the end of this article we show you an excellent way to stop this type of cat damage - and it is fairly inexpensive and easy to set up. Works great! 

With this method you will NOT have any type of cat damage to your carpet by doors. Please continue to read on.

In most cases, actually all cases, this damage can be fixed without replacing the carpet. The key is how much damage there is, and if a bonded insert (patch) is going to be needed.

If the damaged area can be cut out and the carpet re-stretched to the adjoining carpet, and seamed, that would be the best case scenario.

However, sometimes there is simply not enough "stretch" in the carpet to allow the damaged area to be cut out and the re-stretched.

**Again, let's take a look at the cat damage we showed earlier. This is obviously a before picture and later we will show the after picture.**

Cat Damage

This type of cat damage can usually be re-stretched and re-seamed to fix the problem. But that is not always the case. As mentioned earlier, if there is a lot more damage and/or the carpet cannot be stretched enough then a bonded insert will be needed. That was not the case in this picture.

Basically the repair consist of cutting the damaged carpet out, putting a new or used piece of carpet in the place of the cut out portion of the carpet, and both sides of the bonded insert seamed.

This type of repair is much more in-depth as it requires finding a piece of carpet that closely matches the carpet it is going to be seamed to, and then creating two seams instead of just one.

As mentioned above, the donor piece of carpet needs to closely match the area it is going to be put into. So if you have a carpet that has some wear in it, on both sides of the damaged area, then putting a pristine piece of carpet in as the bonded insert is not going to work well.

Do You Have A Need For Carpet Repairs? Let Us Know.

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The repair will be quite noticeable and that is not what you want with a good carpet repair. The bonded insert, in the best case  scenario, should be invisible and at the very worse just slightly visible.

So the key, one of the them, to a good bonded insert is to find the right piece of donor carpet. Sometimes this can be found in a closet, or other area where the donor piece being cut out will not be noticed.

Other times it will be a "scrap" piece of carpet that closely matches the area surrounding the donor piece.

And other times it will be a "scrap" piece of carpet that is like new that can be "aged" a bit to look like the surrounding carpet.

Cat Damage After Repair

The picture above shows a fairly common cat damage problem fixed with excellent results.

No matter which method is going to be used to fix cat damaged carpet you
need to rely on an experienced carpet repair specialist in Vancouver to
do the job for you.

Over the years we have seen numerous cases where the client has tried
to perform repairs like this and they have made the situation worse.

Remember, carpet is not like hair! If you cut too much, you can't just wait for it got grow back. If you cut too much carpet and you leave yourself
short then the repair is going to be ugly - really ugly.

If you have any need for carpet repairs please give us a call at Linton's
Carpet Cleaning. We specialize in all sorts of carpet repairs, including
damage from cats.

A GREAT Solution For Stopping Cat Damage By Doors
A great way to prevent cat damage by a door

One of the best ways we have seen to prevent the type of cat damage to carpet this article has been focused on is in the picture above.

This is just a simple piece of thin plastic that has been cut to fit the door. The cat simply cannot touch the carpet that is by the door. They will scratch on the plastic, which is a lot better than them scratching and tearing at your carpet.

Linton's Carpet Cleaning In Vancouver

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