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Carpet Stretching Questions and Answers

Proper carpet Stretching In Vancouver

At some point EVERY carpet needs to be re-stretched. In this article we are going to go over some of the common questions when it comes to carpet stretching in Vancouver.

What Is Carpet Stretching?

Carpet Stretching is the process in which a carpet is stretched onto the tackless strip that runs along each wall.

The carpet needs to be stretched to the proper tension, which allows for the carpet to be void of any ripples and unsightly waves. Carpets, on average, need to be re-stretched every four to five years.

What Are The Signs Your Carpet Needs To Be Stretched?

1. The number one sign is the carpet has ripples or waves in it.

2. The carpet is visibly pulling away from the walls where it is attached
to the tackless strip or anchored down.

3. You can actually feel and see the carpet move when you walk across it.

The Proper Stretching of Carpet Is Extremely Important

When it comes time to have your carpet stretched you need to be sure the job is done the right way, by a company that follows the proper procedures when it comes to carpet re-stretching.

One of the main issues when it comes to failed carpet stretching is the lack of proper tools, or the improper use of the tools.

In almost all cases a power-stretcher should be used to properly install or  re-stretch carpet.

One of the issues with failed carpet stretching is that a power stretcher is not used, and therefore the proper tension is not actually put on the carpet.

Far too many times a carpet re-stretch is done with ONLY A KNEE KICKER. This it not good carpet stretching procedures.

In many cases this leads to the carpet loosening up again, and wrinkles or waves appearing prematurely.

Does Your Furniture Have To Be Moved For Your Carpet To Be Stretched?

In most cases - yes. But it depends on the situation in the room. If there is furniture in the way that does not allow the carpet to be properly stretched then, yes, that furniture will have to be removed.

What Are The Benefits Of Proper Carpet Stretching In Vancouver?

The main benefit of carpet stretching is the appearance of your carpet. A carpet with wrinkles or waves in it just doesn't look very good.

Another benefit of carpet stretching is avoiding delamination of the primary and secondary backing.

Delamination is a serious issue and can be very difficult to repair. When waves, or ripples, in your carpet are allowed to remain, the chance of delamination increases as foot traffic over those areas puts additional stress on the primary and secondary backing.

Making sure your carpet is properly stretched can go a long ways to avoiding primary and secondary backing delamination.

The other issue with allowing ripples and waves to remain in your carpet is the trip factor. Yes, you can actually trip over some of the ripples and waves that are in your carpet.

How Much Does Proper Carpet Stretching In Vancouver Cost?

It depends.

And what are the factors that determine the cost to have your carpets properly stretched?

1. The size of the room

2. The degree of difficulty. And this usually relates to how loose the carpet is and if
any seams have to be opened up, trimmed, and re-seamed.

3. The amount of furniture to be moved. Moving furniture is almost always needed to properly stretch carpet. So the amount of furniture to be moved, and the size of the furniture to be removed, can make a big difference in the end price when it comes to carpet re-stretching.

How Often Should Carpets Be Stretched?

The simple answer is as soon as you notice any type of loosening of the carpet. Waiting until the carpet has a lot of wrinkles, or waves in it, is not a good idea.

When you see wrinkles, waves, the carpet seeming to be pulling away from the wall - it is time to have a professional carpet re-stretching company in Vancouver come look at the carpet.

How Long Does It Take To Re-stretch Carpet In Your Home?

The two main factors when it comes to how long the carpet re-stretching job will take are:

1. The size of the rooms
2. The amount of furniture to be moved
3. If any seams need to be opened and re-seamed.

The nice thing about carpet stretching is that when the job is done - you can use the carpet immediately. There is no waiting for dry times.

When it comes time to have your carpet stretched in Vancouver, Washington, or the surrounding areas, please give us a call at Linton's Carpet Cleaning. We offer high-quality carpet  stretching and never ever play any pricing games.

Linton's Carpet Cleaning

For the absolute best carpet repairs in Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding areas, please give us a call today. We offer high-quality carpet repairs and carpet re-stretching that you can depend on.

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