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Carpet and Fabric Protectors Are Important

Your Carpet Was WELL Protected When It Was New, But Over Time The Protection Wears Off And Your Carpet Will Resoil Faster.

Most people do NOT realize that when their carpet was new it was very well protected with carpet protectors. In fact, most carpets are protected at the time of manufacturing with two types of carpet protectors.

One being flourochemical protectors and  the other being acid dye resistors. Both of these types of protectors, when applied properly are very effective when it comes to protecting your carpet. It is important to understand how each one of these protectors work because there are different goals with each one when used separately.

Let's take a look at carpet protectors and how they work and why they are so important.

Carpet Protectors and How They Work

As we mentioned earlier, there are two main types of carpet protectors. The first type of carpet protector, and the most well known is fluorochemical protectors. These type of carpet protectors are really good for protecting your carpet against day soil and liquid spills. They do this by lowering the surface tension on anything they are applied to. Thus, anything with a surface tension HIGHER than the protected carpet fibers will NOT penetrate the fiber, at least for awhile.

The second type of carpet protector is called acid dye resistors. These work completely different than the fluorochemical type of carpet protectors. With acid dye resistors the dye sites in the fiber are filled with clear dyes. This way any other type of dye, such as a food coloring, cannot stain the carpet as there are NO UNFILLED DYE SITES to penetrate.

The third type of carpet protector has BOTH fluorochemicals and acid dye resistors, and this is usually the best type of protector because it offers protection against liquids, dry soil, and other dyes that could stain your carpet. So it is important to ask your cleaner what type of carpet or fabric protector they are using.

Why Carpet Protectors Are Important

Carpet and fabric protectors are important because they do EXACTLY as their name implies...they protect your carpet and fabric from dry soil, liquids, dyes, and oil based staining agents. Your carpet came with protector in it when it was new, but over time that protector wears off. And this is one reason why so many people believe that there carpet resoils faster as it gets older - and it does. But it doesn't usually resoil because of bad cleaning (although that can happen) but it resoils because the fibers are "naked" and literally have NO PROTECTION.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpet protected after each cleaning, and that is fine. But there are cases when you do NOT need your carpet protected each time the carpet is cleaned. Having said that it is important to get your carpet and fabric protected! It will save you money in the long run and help YOU keep your carpets looking good for a much longer time.

High Quality Carpet and Fabric Protectors

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we only use the best carpet and fabric protectors on the market and we apply them the RIGHT way. Yes, there is a right way to apply carpet protectors and most companies do it the WRONG way.  We not only use the best carpet protectors, but we use them in the right dilution ratios and we apply them in sufficient amounts to protect your carpet.

When you hire us to clean and protect your carpet you can be assured you are receiving high quality carpet cleaning and we are protecting your carpet with the best carpet protectors. Having your carpet protected is a very good idea and in the end runs saves you money.

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