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Carpet Cleaning Scams To Avoid

​How To Avoid Being Scammed By A Carpet Cleaner In Vancouver, Washington

​We have all seen the coupons that arrive in your mail (almost daily it seems) advertising carpet cleaning "specials".

In most cases these carpet cleaning "specials" ​actually are special - they are special in their ability to remove YOU from your hard earned money by being dishonest, charging way more than the price that they advertised, and then delivering far below average carpet cleaning results.

​But, to be totally and brutally honest, some of the people that hire these companies actually ​deserve some of what they get (sorta). Why? Keep reading below and we will tell you. Check out the video at the bottom of this page by clicking here.

​Do People Really Believe They Can Get Good Quality Carpet Cleaning For Those Really Low Prices They See Advertised?

​Well - apparently so! If consumers just took a few minutes to do their due diligence they would quickly find out that almost all carpet cleaning scams are related to pricing and these low priced companies. Now before some of you low priced companies, that are reading this, get bent out of shape - you might be one of the few low priced carpet cleaning companies that is honest and gives good cleaning results to your clients for the prices you advertise. 

But in most cases these low priced carpet cleaning companies practice some serious bait-and-switch. And most of us in the industry know it and despise it. But consumers keep falling for these unethical cleaners. So what can you do about it? Let's take a look below at some really good tips to avoid being ripped off by these scammers.​

​Questions You Need To Ask To Avoid Being Ripped Off

​Before we go any further we do want to make this clear: It is not just low priced cleaners that rip you off, you can also be scammed by companies that advertise higher prices. But in most cases, especially when referring to pricing scams, it is the $9.95 room guys and gals, the "whole house for $89 companies". Those are the folks we are talking about.

We will go over other carpet cleaning scams in a future article but for now what we are referring to is the pricing and low quality cleaning scams.

So Here Are Some Questions You Need To Ask

1. Is the company licensed and insured. This is the starting point. You should NEVER let any company into your home to clean your carpets if they are not licensed and insured.

2. Do they offer FREE no obligation quotes. If the company is not willing to come to your home, or place of business, and give you a quote they are probably not worth hiring. There are exceptions, but any quality carpet cleaning company should be willing to take a look at the job and what it entails BEFORE they give you a price.

Think about this: how in the world can a company tell you the price of the job when they don't know the type of carpet. the square footage, the degree of soiling, the amount of stains, the type of stains, and the logistics of the job? How can they accurately quote you a price? In most cases they quote a price, get to your home, see the job, and jack the price through the roof.
Do not let this happen!

​3. Are They Willing To Put Their Quotes In Writing? If not, why not? Any reputable carpet cleaning company should be willing to put their full quote in writing. And that quote should cover the exact amount of rooms and the type of service they are going to offer.

​4. Do They Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee? If a company is truly reputable and stands in front, to the sides, on top, ​at the bottom, and behind their work they will offer a satisfaction guarantee and explain what that guarantee covers. 

And if they are reputable they will come back to your home as quickly as possible and address any concerns that you might have about the cleaning they did for you.

​5. Ask Them About Their Cleaning Process. The process any carpet cleaning company uses to clean your carpet, especially the cleaning tools and the cleaning agents, should be something you are interested in. Ask them about their cleaning tools, the cleaning agents they use, and ask them to show you what they use.

Some of these carpet cleaning companies are using tools that clean worse than the machines you see rented out at your local store and they are using cleaning agents that could end up turning your pets into three headed aliens. Joke. But, seriously, what is used to clean your carpet and how it is used is ask them.

These are the main questions to ask when hiring a reputable carpet cleaning company in Vancouver, Washington. There are others, but these are more related to pricing. And we can also throw something else to look for when hiring a carpet cleaning company - how do they look.

No, they don't have to look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney or the latest and greatest fitness model (female and male). To be quite honest most cleaners look like they need to get on some fitness program. But what we mean is how is their general appearance? Do they have teeth for example - another joke. There are probably some pretty good toothless carpet cleaners but you sorta know what we mean but just in case....

​ is what we really mean: Do they come to your door w​earing a clean uniform or shirt and jeans​? Or do they come to your home with holes in their jeans and shoes and looking dishevled and dirty​? Why does this make a difference? Because if you are reputable, if you take pride in your work, if you care about the appearance of your business you will show up looking professional and respectable. 

If your cleaner shows up looking like he or she has been on a three day bender and smells like a Jack Daniels distillery....well...uhhh...probably not a good sign.​ And you might want to move on and find another cleaner.

**​For A Good Example Of How Some Of These Scammers Work Take A Look At The Video Below​**

The Video Below Is a VERY Good Example Of What You Want To Avoid When Hiring A Carpet Cleaner

Linton's Carpet Cleaning Offers High Quality Family-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

​We don't play games. We give FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTES, we put them in writing, we answer any and all questions honestly, we show up on time, we use the best cleaning agents and tools in the world, and we offer GREAT customer service.

If you need any carpet cleaning done, give us a call today. We will be more than happy to come to your home or place of business and show you the quality of our carpet cleaning company.

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