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Bleach Stain Repair in Vancouver, Wa.

Do You Have Bleach Stain/Color Loss In Your Carpet? If So Give Us A Call -  (360) 608-5441

Do You Have Any "Stains" In Your Carpet That Look Like The Stains Below?

If you have any spots in your carpet that look like what you see in the pictures above then what you are most likely seeing is color loss caused by bleach, or some form of bleaching agent. These types of "stains" are not actually stains. A stain is a color addition. What you are seeing in these pictures is color LOSS. Some or all of a primary color has been lost or reduced and what you now see is what is typically referred to as a bleach stain, although bleach might not have caused it.

Either way we can help you with this problem by doing a color repair on the damaged area. Also, color repair can be done on urine stains (and other stains) not just bleach stains. Any part of your carpet that has been damaged because of bleach or other reasons can be repaired. Give us a call today at (360) 608-5441 to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote.

Expert Color Repair - Bleach Stain Repair In Vancouver

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Carpet Bleach Stain Repair in Vancouver, Wa. - Please Call Today For A Free Quote

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