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5 Tough Carpet Stains

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we have been cleaning carpets since 1996, and have seen about everything you can see when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning.

In this article we are going to go over some of the  toughest stains to remove from carpet and upholstery.

Some of the stains that are tough to remove from upholstery are tough because of the fabric. If a stain is set into cotton material it is going to be more difficult to remove than stains that are in a nylon or polypropylene (olefin) carpet.

Here Is Our List of The 5 Toughest Stains To Remove From Carpet & Upholstery

1. Mustard - Mustard can be absolutely BRUTAL to remove once it has stained any type of fabric.

The types of natural dyes in mustard
are aggressive and can be very difficult to remove - but they will come
out (at least to a certain degree) if good stain removal techniques
are used.

Mustard Stain Removal Vancouver

2. Ink - The reason ink can be so tricky is that once it leaves the material it is suspended in it can literally turn into a very aggressive water-like dye.

The key with getting ink out safely is to make sure it does NOT spread once it is broken down. Like with many stains ink can literally take hours to get  out safely and effectively.

Ink is without a doubt one of the five toughest stains to properly remove from carpet.

Ink stain removal can be extremely difficult

3. Nail Polish - Nail polish will come out of upholstery and carpet, and can be removed safely if the proper procedures are followed.

But nail polish can be very tricky, especially on upholstery.

The issue with nail polish is very much like the issue with ink. You have to be really careful to make sure the stain is not broken down too quickly and allowed to spread. If this happens nail polish can go from tough to nearly impossible to get out.

Nail Polish Removal

4. Urine - The issue with urine is not always a color addition to the dye sites of a fabric, but actual color loss.

Urine stains, many times, can be removed but not always. On many
occasions what you are seeing with urine stains is actually color
Color loss can be corrected, but is not considered stain removal.


Urine Stain Removal can be difficult

5. Iodine - Removing iodine is much like ink.

The key is to limit the spread of the iodine to other areas of the carpet or upholstery.

Iodine can easily dye many fabrics, in both carpet and upholstery, and can be difficult to get out.

Iodine Stain Removal Vancouver, Washington

As with many of these stains, they will come out much more easily on a synthetic carpet than on a wool carpet or natural fiber upholstery piece.

If you have any of the above stains please do not hesitate to contact us.

You might have noticed that we did not mention two very common types of stains that are seen in carpet and upholstery, especially carpet.

Kool Aid and wine.

Why did we not mention these two stains as being tough to remove?

Because in most cases they are NOT tough to remove, especially on synthetic fabrics.

Never let any carpet cleaner tell you how tough it is to remove Kool Aid or
wine from a synthetic carpet. That is simply not the truth - unless really
bad stain removal procedures have been used previously.

Kool Aid is one of the easiest stains to remove from synthetic carpet and
upholstery, and wine is not far behind. 

There are far too many carpet cleaners that charge big prices to remove Kool Aid stains from carpets, telling their clients that Kool Aid is very difficult to remove. Do not fall for that line of b.s.. It simply is not true.

Expert Carpet and Upholstery Stain Removal

Linton's Carpet Cleaning offers expert carpet and upholstery stain removal in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

If you have any need for stain removal in your carpet or upholstery - please call us today.

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