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Linton and Nila Becker - Linton's Carpet Cleaning In Vancouver

Linton and Nila Becker - Owners Linton's Carpet Cleaning

Tired of The Pricing Games? Tired of The Gimmicks? 

Tired of Cleaners Not Showing Up?

 Fed up With Mediocre Cleaning?

All of that ends today when you call Linton's Carpet Cleaning 

Hi, this is Linton Becker, along with my wife Nila. If you are in the need of high-quality carpet cleaning in Vancouver - along with great customer service - give us a call today. Check Out Our Cleaning Results.

We offer free written quotes, we never play pricing games, and we guarantee our work. 

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company that offers safe, family-friendly carpet cleaning - then don't hesitate to call us today. Check out our FAQ section below.

High-Quality Carpet Cleaning In Vancouver - Get A FREE Quote

High-Quality Carpet Cleaning Services We Offer In Vancouver

At Linton's Carpet Cleaning we not only offer superior high-quality carpet cleaning in Vancouver, but we also offer the services listed below. As with our carpet cleaning service in Vancouver, you can be assured that if you hire us for any of the services below you are going to get great customer services along with exceptional results .

Oriental Rugs

Natural Oriental Rug Fibers

Don't trust your valuable oriental rugs to just anyone. Have them cleaned the right way -  the first time. And that is what we do - We clean your rugs the right way!

Carpet Repairs

From carpet stretching to the repairing of pet damage in your carpets, we offer a wide-variety of expert carpet repairs. Always done the professional way.

Pet Odor Removal

Don't let pet odor get you down! Even severe pet odor can be eliminated in most cases. Call us today to get rid of that nasty odor. There is no need to live with it.

The Amazing Results Of Rotary Jet Extraction

There are many reasons why Linton's Carpet Cleaning has gained a terrific reputation for exceptional carpet cleaning in Vancouver, and the surrounding areas.  And one of the many reasons is that we use rotary jet extraction.

This cleaning tool makes over 600 separate cleaning passes a minute - compared to a normal carpet cleaning wand that makes about 30 passes a minute. Soil doesn't stand a chance. If you are in need of high-quality DEPENDABLE FAMILY FRIENDLY carpet cleaning in Vancouver give us a call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Linton's Carpet Cleaning was established in 1996, so as of 2021we are entering our 26th year of delivering high-quality carpet cleaning in Vancouver, Washington an the surrounding areas. We'll do the same for you.

Are You Licensed & Insured?

Yes we are. And you should only hire a carpet cleaning company that is licensed and insured.

What  Cleaning Method Do You Use?

Our main method of carpet cleaning is truck-mounted hot water extraction (HWE), commonly referred to as "steam cleaning", although no actual steam is used to clean the carpet.

We also use a power wand called the Rotovac 360, which makes over 600 cleaning passes a method. 

Hot water extraction is the most recommended method for deep thorough cleaning and truck-mounted HWE is the most powerful hot water extraction method.

Occasionally we use other methods to assist us, but we primarily use HWE because it just does a better job of cleaning.

What Do You Charge To Clean Carpets?

The most honest and simple answer is: It depends.

There are a number of factors that go into pricing when it comes to carpet cleaning. You have to be very careful with companies that just advertise a "one price fits all" type of cleaning.

The price we charge depends on the square footage to be cleaned, the degree of soiling, the amount of stains, etc.. 

What we can assure you is that we never ever, and we mean NEVER EVER, play any type of pricing games.

Do You Give FREE No Obligation Quotes?

Yes we do. We are willing to come to your home, or place of business, and take a look at any cleaning you need done.

At that point we will give you a quote on our best cleaning. We do not offer second-rate cleaning.

When we give you a quote it is for our best cleaning - which is considered by many to be the best carpet cleaning in the Vancouver, Washington and surrounding areas.

Are Your Quotes In Writing?

Yes. All of our quotes are in writing and we stand behind our quotes. As we mentioned before - we NEVER EVER play pricing games.

So when we give you a quote, you can be confident that we are not going to your home or place of business and then jack up the price once we get there.

We are going to deliver the best cleaning you can get for the areas you wanted cleaned and  the price we quoted is the price you will pay.

How Long Do Carpets Take To Dry?

We typically have dry times from two to six hours. It really depends on a number of factors.

It would be very easy for us to get dry times under an hour, which we do at times, if we only cleaned the surface of your carpet. 

But, we assume that our clients want the best cleaning and that means deep-down thorough cleaning.

Another important factor to consider when discussing dry times are weather conditions outside. In most cases, no matter the season, if we clean your carpets you can expect them to be dry in two to six hours.

Do You Move Furniture?

Yes we do. But we highly encourage you to move as much of the furniture as possible.

We can assist in moving some of the larger items such as sofas and small tables, but if you want us to move all of the furniture there might be an extra charge for that and that extra charge would have been included in the written quote.

It is important to understand that we are in your home to clean the carpet, that is our main focus. So while we can assist with some furniture moving, it is always better if the client is able to move as much furniture on their own that they can.

Do You Clean Oriental Rugs?

Yes we do. And we clean them the right way.

We only use high-quality cleaning methods to clean your valuable oriental rugs. We are not the type of company that advertises oriental rug cleaning and then cleans them on your wood floors or on your driveway.

That is not proper oriental rug cleaning. You can find out more about our oriental rug cleaning service here.

Do You Pickup & Deliver Oriental Rugs?

 Yes we do. Just let us know at the time of quote and we will do our best to schedule a pickup and/or delivery time that is convenient for you.


Below are just a couple of the many great testimonials we receive on a regular basis. These are REAL testimonials from REAL people. If you would like more testimonials please contact us and we can provide you with literally hundreds of testimonials (thousands even) from our satisfied clients. Our number one goal is to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied with our carpet cleaning service in Vancouver.

Gary Colemansmith

"Over the last year or so I've employed Linton's Carpet Cleaning to clean carpeting in dozens of houses. 'Linton's has done an outstanding job for me, often being able to remove stains other companies would not have."

Jan Quann

“I have been using Linton’s Carpet Cleaning services for a number of years now. Linton provides a fantastic carpet cleaning service in so many ways.

He is reputable, trustworthy, friendly, and my carpets always look wonderful. He pays extra special attention to detail and gives advice when he deems it beneficial to his customer.

Linton returns phone calls promptly and is always on time getting to my house. I will continue to use Linton and I suggest you give him a call.”

Areas We Serve:
We offer high-quality carpet cleaning to residents of Vancouver, Battle Ground, Camas, and the surrounding areas.

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