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The Best Pet Odor Removal Services In Vancouver

Embarrassed By Pet Odors In Your Home? Are Pet Stains Getting You Down? Don't Stress, We Can Help! There Is No Need To Live With Pet Odor!

Get Rid Of The Odor -  Not Your Pets!

Pet Odor, and The Stains Associated With Your Pets, Can Be Very Frustrating and Embarrassing. We Can Solve Your Pet Odor Problem.

Ahhh, pets...we love them but they can sometimes cause you some serious problems because of pet odor. Whether that pet odor is from urine, feces, or dog and cat dander, it can be a big problem and very difficult to solve. 

Linton's Carpet Cleaning is Vancouver's pet odor removal and specialist. We have over 22 years of experience in dealing with all sorts of pet odor problems, and we can handle darn near any pet odor problem you can throw at us. If the odor from urine and dander are not dealt with properly you can actually make the odor worse! NOT GOOD! If you have any issues with pet odor in your home, or place of business, please give us a call at (360) 608-5441 for a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote. You will be very happy you did.

Pet Odor Removal Services We Offer In Vancouver

One of the most common issues we see (and smell) in carpets is pet odor caused by urine, feces, and the dander associated with dogs and cats (but it could be any animal, even humans). Along with the pet odor there are usually stains associated with the odor. You can find out more about our pet stain removal service by going to that page. This page is specifically about pet odor and how to deal with it, and why hiring Linton's Carpet Cleaning to take care of your pet odor problem is a good idea. Let's take a look at how we deal with pet odor and why "regular" cleaning is NOT going to solve your pet odor problem.

Pet Odor Inspection

Pet Odor and Pet Stain Tools Vancouver, Wa.

Pet Odor Inspection. It is absolutely critical to find the source of the odor and that is not always easy. Whether the flooring surface is carpet, tile or grout, or wood finding ALL of the odor source can be tricky.

At Linton's we use professional tools to find the source of the odor PLUS knowledge and years of experience in finding thousands of sources of pet odor. Once we find the odor source we move onto the next step.

Odor Source Removal

Pet Urine and Pet Stain Removal Vancouver, Wa.

Odor Source Removal. Once the source of the odor has been found it is really important to physically remove as much of that source as possible. And removing this odor source needs to be done the right way.

We use professional cleaning agents designed to emulsify and remove all types of odor sources. We also use special tools designed to extract the odor source as much as possible.

Pet Odor Neutralization

Cleaning Agents To Remove Pet Odor

Pet Odor Neutralization.  The goal is always to remove as much as the odor source as possible, but that doesn't happen 100% of the time. So the next step is using special cleaning agents that get rid of the odor.

The key is not to just cover it up, but to remove it. To neutralize it and destroy it so the odor does not come back. And that is what we do and why we have such tremendous success in dealing with pet odor issues.

Some Basic Facts You Should Know About Pet Urine and Removing It

When it comes to dealing with pet odor removal there is a lot of misunderstanding. Far too many people, even including some professional carpet cleaners, believe that "regular carpet cleaning" will take care of pet odor in your carpet. Well, this is totally wrong and can actually lead to more odor in your carpet and home. A lot more odor. So in this section we are going to take a look at some of the pet odor issues and frequently asked questions when it comes to proper pet odor removal in your home.

Regular Cleaning Removes Pet Odor

Unfortunately far too many people have found out the hard way that "regular" carpet cleaning can remove serious pet odor. And when we say the "hard way" we mean that they have tried to clean their carpets with regular carpet cleaning and ended up with a situation where there carpet and home smelled worse! This happens far too often and can be avoided. 

The Urine Is Only In The Carpet 

It would be so much easier to get rid of pet urine and the odor in your carpet if the urine was ONLY in the carpet fibers. But in most cases, especially after multiple urine deposits, this is simply not true. The urine reaches the backing, the padding in many cases, and even the sub-floor. This is one of the reasons that "regular" carpet cleaning does not work on pet urine.

Normal Cleaning Agents Work Well On Urine

This is actually partially true, but only partially. Urine is made up of a number of different substances and can be very difficult to break down and get out of your carpet. Most carpet cleaning pre-sprays will work to a certain extent on urine, but usually only if you get to the urine quickly. Otherwise the need for more specialized cleaning agents is common in order to have success.

You Can See Urine With The Naked Eye

Again, this is only partially true. In many cases you can see where the dog, cat, your husband (joke) has urinated on the carpet. But in many other cases you cannot. You need moisture detection tools to find the urine and in many cases a black light. But these tools only find where urine is or MIGHT have been. The best tool for knowing if what you are smelling is your nose.

The Carpet Padding Needs To Be Removed

In most cases this is NOT true. There are times when the carpet padding is beyond repair and there is no real way to get all of the urine out of the padding without destroying the padding. But in many cases the padding can be saved with good "top down urine removal" techniques. Many companies will tell you the carpet needs to be pulled up and the padding replaced, but that is ONLY so they can make more money.

You Can See Urine With The Naked Eye

Again, this is only partially true. In many cases you can see where the dog, cat, your husband (joke) has urinated on the carpet. But in many other cases you cannot. You need moisture detection tools to find the urine and in many cases a black light. But these tools only find where urine is or MIGHT have been. The best tool for knowing if what you are smelling is your nose.

Why Hire Linton's To Do YOUR Pet Odor Removal?

It basically comes down to this when hiring a company to deal with pet odor issues in your carpet: Do they have the knowledge, experience, tools, cleaning agents, and the DESIRE to the job the right way? If you are looking for a company to deal with pet urine, pet stains, and pet odor in your carpet you will not find a better company than Linton's Carpet Cleaning...period.

We have over 22 years and thousands of carpet cleaning and pet odor issues we have dealt with and, to be totally honest, there isn't much we haven't seen. There has rarely been a situation where we could not take care of the pet odor issues in a home or place of business.  We have the training, the experience, the proper tools, the best pet urine cleaning and deodorizing agents and the DESIRE to do a great job. And we do. If you are looking for the best pet odor removal specialist in Vancouver, Wa. then simply pick up the phone or hit the button on your cell phone and give us a call today! We give FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTES on any pet odor removal and/or pet stain issues that you have.

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