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Carpet Cleaning Company Vancouver Wa.Hi, my name is Linton Becker and I am the proud owner of Linton’s Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, Washington. We obviously hope that you choose us as your carpet cleaning company.

But if you are undecided about which carpet cleaning company to hire, or how to hire a carpet cleaning company, take a look at the recommendations below.

When it comes to hiring a carpet cleaning company in Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding area, it is not always easy to find a company that delivers high quality cleaning, fair and HONEST pricing, and stands behind their work.

However, when you call Linton’s Carpet Cleaning you can be assured that you have found one of the top carpet cleaning companies in Vancouver, Washington.

If for some reason you choose not to hire Linton’s Carpet Cleaning, below are some of the things you need to know so you can avoid hiring a bad carpet cleaning company.

How To Select A Good Carpet Cleaning Company in Vancouver, Washington

Let’s take a look at the seven most important things you should know when hiring a good carpet cleaning company.

1.) Are they licensed, bonded, and insured. This might seem like a strange one to start out with because there are many companies that are licensed, bonded, and insured and can’t clean a lick. But this is a good place to start to at least see if they are serious about their profession.

2.) Do they offer a 100% Iron Clad Guarantee? Why hire ANY company that does not stand behind their work with a strong guarantee of satisfaction? If the company is not willing to guarantee their work in writing then you have to wonder if their guarantee actually means anything. Make sure you get a guarantee on the work!

3.) Does the company offer FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTES? Think about this: If a company is not willing to offer you free no obligation onsite quotes then why hire them? If they do not think YOU are important enough as a potential client to take the time to come to your home and give you a FREE quote then why should YOU consider THEM good enough to clean your carpet? You shouldn’t.

By the way, one of the best ways to get ripped off is to have a company give you a phone quote. Do not get phone quotes unless you absolutely have too! How can the cleaner quote you a price on the phone without ever seeing the job? There are many details that cleaners look at to determine the price….and they have to see the carpet to quote accurately. Make sure you get an onsite quote if at all possible.

4.) Get the quote in writing! It doesn’t do much good to get a quote if the cleaner will not put it in writing. Make sure the cleaner gives you the quote in writing. If the company giving you the quote is not willing to do that…then do NOT hire them!

5.) What method do they use?  Now this is where things get really sticky. ANY cleaner that tells you there is only ONE method of cleaning is a cleaner that you should politely ask to leave your home or place of business. Why? Because there are many methods of cleaning that can do a good job. The method used depends on the situation.

However, after saying that…the most recommended method for DEEP cleaning is HWE (hot water extraction), commonly referred to as steam cleaning, although no steam is used. Most carpets respond very well to HWE. So ask your carpet cleaner if they use this method. If they don’t it doesn’t mean their cleaning is bad, but they should be able to offer a method that is the most recommended in the industry for deep cleaning. You can check out Shaw Industries recommendation here. Or you can check out the picture directly below. Shaw is the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. They know a thing or two about carpets.


6.) Can they provide you with references? If the company cannot provide references you really have to wonder. Any good carpet cleaning company should be able to provide at least a few references. If they can’t, then do not hire them.

7.) Are they certified by the IICRC? This one was listed last because it is honestly the least important. The IICRC is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

It is a certifying body that certifies that carpet cleaners have gone to school and passed a written exam. It does NOT come close to guaranteeing that you will get a good carpet cleaning company. But it helps.

Hire Linton’s Carpet Cleaning For The Best In Carpet Cleaning

So there you have it. If you follow the seven steps above you should be able to hire a good carpet cleaning company in Vancouver, Washington.

There are some good companies, but there are also some companies you should avoid, you know…the companies that advertise whole house specials for $99 or the companies that say they will meet or beat any competitors coupons!

Call us today to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE!

Linton’s Carpet Cleaning has developed a terrific reputation for delivering quality cleaning. If you would like to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE give us a call today. You have our guarantee that we will treat you with courtesy, respect, and answer any and all questions honestly.

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Over the last year or so I've employed Lintons Carpet Cleaning to clean carpeting in dozens of houses. Lintons has done an outstanding job for me, often being able to remove stains other companies would not have.

Gary Colemansmith

Lintons Carpet Cleaning has been a cost saver for our property! They do a tremendous job cleaning and saving existing carpets at a very reasonable price! They are professional, flexible schedule and very knowledgeable in the expertise of carpet cleaning!

Lisa Knapp

Lintons Carpet Cleaning is the best. Always fast, courteous and professional. We have been using Linton for years and have never been disapointed. Our carpet has never looked better. Great job!!!!

Jim McCoy

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