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commercial carpet cleaning vancouver wa“As the floors go the building goes.” When it comes to commercial buildings, or any building, that phrase is 100% accurate.

No matter how well your building or office looks, if the carpet or other flooring surfaces do not look good  it detracts from the beauty of your building.

It doesn’t need to be that way!

At Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we offer high quality commercial carpet cleaning in Vancouver, Wa. and the surrounding areas. Commercial carpet cleaning can offer some unique challenges not associated with most residential cleaning so it is important to hire a company that has the experience and the knowledge to clean your commercial carpets the right way.

So hire a company that has the knowledge, experience, and the proper equipment to clean commercial carpets the right way.

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What makes commercial carpet cleaning more difficult at times to clean than residential carpets? Well there are a few reasons and we list them below.

Difficulties in cleaning commercial carpets:


  • Degree of soiling. Most commercial carpets get a LOT more traffic than the average home, therefore more soil.
  • A lot of commercial carpet is glue down carpeting and with this type of carpet it is not as easy to pull soil through the fibers because the lack of airflow.
  • Many commercial carpets have serious wicking issues. What is wicking? It is when the water and the soil make their way to the surface of the fibers during the drying phase. The carpet can actually look worse AFTER you clean it than BEFORE you cleaned it. Not a good deal!
  • Liquid spills can be very difficult to get out because of the lack of air flow and the wicking issue. It takes special care and cleaning to make sure these spills do not come back.
  • There is the possibility of extended dry times, which is not good if you have clients or customers walking on your carpets.

So how do you deal with these issues?

commercial carpet cleaning vancouver washingtonThe single best thing you can do is hire Linton’s Carpet Cleaning for your commercial carpet cleaning in Vancouver, Washington.

Why? Because we have years of experience when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning.

We have seen about everything you can see when it comes to cleaning commercial carpets and we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to deliver YOU fantastic cleaning results.

What Is The Best Method To Clean Your Commercial Carpets?


Never ever let a carpet cleaner tell you that there is only one way to clean a carpet, and that holds even more true for commercial carpet cleaning. Only cleaners with a SEVERE lack of knowledge and/or skill will tell you that one method is the best way for all cleaning. That simply is not the case.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods In Vancouver, Washington

  • Hot Water Extraction – This is commonly referred to as “steam cleaning”, although no steam is actually used.
  • Bonnet Cleaning – This is where thick cotton pads and a floor machine are used. The bonnets absorb some of the soil.
  • Pad Cleaning – This is very similar to bonnet cleaning but with pad cleaning the pads are much thinner and more aggressive.
  • Encapsulation Cleaning – The word cleaning should NEVER be used after encapsulation because there is actually NO cleaning being done. There is NO soil removal at all. A “cleaning agent” is scrubbed into the carpet which breaks up the soil and spreads it out into a zillion different directions. The soil is now really hard to see and the carpets look good. This is an appearance method and that is all. But encapsulation “cleaning” does have its place.


There are other methods to clean commercial carpets, but those are the four main methods. Those four methods should deliver good to excellent results on almost any commercial carpet, especially when used in unison with each other.

There are many different ways to clean commercial carpet and sometimes using a combination of two methods, maybe even three, is the way to get great results, and that is what we do at Linton’s Carpet Cleaning. As we said before, be very leery of any carpet cleaner that thinks there is only one method to clean commercial carpet.

If you have any commercial carpet that needs to be cleaned give us a call today to schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote on any cleaning you need done. We will be happy to come to your building and give you our honest opinion on what we can and cannot do for your commercial carpets.

Check out some of our commercial carpet cleaning in the video below.

Lintons Commercial Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Washington

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Over the last year or so I've employed Lintons Carpet Cleaning to clean carpeting in dozens of houses. Lintons has done an outstanding job for me, often being able to remove stains other companies would not have.

Gary Colemansmith

Lintons Carpet Cleaning has been a cost saver for our property! They do a tremendous job cleaning and saving existing carpets at a very reasonable price! They are professional, flexible schedule and very knowledgeable in the expertise of carpet cleaning!

Lisa Knapp

Lintons Carpet Cleaning is the best. Always fast, courteous and professional. We have been using Linton for years and have never been disapointed. Our carpet has never looked better. Great job!!!!

Jim McCoy

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