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Lintons Green Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Wa.Does green carpet cleaning, and the cleaning agents used to clean your carpets, matter to you? Hopefully they do, because what is put into your carpet is being put into your home, and those cleaning agents should be safe for you and your family – and that includes your pets.

When it comes to hiring a green carpet cleaning company in Vancouver, Washington you need to look no further than Linton’s Carpet Cleaning.

At Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we have developed a terrific reputation for delivering high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning at prices that are FAIR and HONEST.


What makes Linton’s Carpet Cleaning a bit different (in some cases a lot different) than other carpet cleaning companies in Vancouver?


carpet cleaners vancouver wa

Clean carpet just feels good!

It’s easy to say we are different, but in a number of areas we are different.

How are we different? Well we do things for your carpet, and YOU, on a regular basis that not all cleaners do.

Take a look below and we’ll show you some of the areas we think we are different than some of our competitors.



  • We offer FIRM WRITTEN QUOTES – Absolutely no pricing games. NONE!
  • We clean using SAFE cleaning agents that are family friendly.
  • We offer EXPERT STAIN REMOVAL-There is not much we cannot get out.
  • We give you FREE bottles of spotter.
  • Our customer service is top notch. We are polite and respectful.
  • We absolutely guarantee our work 100%.


Green carpet cleaning vancouver washingtonThere are some really good green carpet cleaning companies in Vancouver, Washington and we are confident we are one of them.

At Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we will put our cleaning, our stain removal, and our customer service up against anyone and we are very confident that we will come out looking good!


Green Carpet Cleaning Is Important

 Does your carpet cleaning company do the following:


  • 1. Pre-vacuum the carpet
  • 2. Use safe GREEN Cleaning Pre-spray….heck, do they even use pre-spray (they should be).
  • 3. Attempt to remove every single spot and stain in your carpet. They should at least make the attempt.
  • 4. Put air movers on your carpet so the carpet dries faster.
  • 5. Groom the carpet, which helps the carpet dry faster and gives it a better appearance.
  • 6. Put down corner guards to protect your walls and furniture.
  • 7. Give you FREE bottles of spotter with FREE refills.
  • 8. Give you a 30 Day spot and spill guarantee.
  • 9. Offer you a 100% money back guarantee.


We can tell you with absolute certainty that at Linton’s Carpet Cleaning we do all of the above…and more! Our goal is to NOT just clean for you once, take your money, and say adios!

We want to clean for you again and we want you to refer us. And we want you to use us because we offer safe GREEN carpet cleaning in Vancouver Washington and the surrounding areas.

In order for that to happen we have to do a really good job of cleaning and treat you with courtesy and respect…and that is EXACTLY what we do. We want you to say that Linton’s Carpet Cleaning offers the best green carpet cleaning in Vancouver, Washington and the surrounding community.


Quality Green Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Washington!


Give us a call today if you have any questions about our Green Carpet Cleaning services. We take our health and your health seriously when it comes to the cleaning agents we use to clean your carpets. You can be confident that what we are putting into your carpet is safe and you can also be confident that what we put into your carpet – we get OUT of your carpet.


Linton’s Carpet Cleaning

High Quality Green Carpet Cleaning  Vancouver Washington


Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Washington

Green Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Washington







Over the last year or so I've employed Lintons Carpet Cleaning to clean carpeting in dozens of houses. Lintons has done an outstanding job for me, often being able to remove stains other companies would not have.

Gary Colemansmith

Lintons Carpet Cleaning has been a cost saver for our property! They do a tremendous job cleaning and saving existing carpets at a very reasonable price! They are professional, flexible schedule and very knowledgeable in the expertise of carpet cleaning!

Lisa Knapp

Lintons Carpet Cleaning is the best. Always fast, courteous and professional. We have been using Linton for years and have never been disapointed. Our carpet has never looked better. Great job!!!!

Jim McCoy

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